How I See It.



Blind Skull with Hat Image


The views expressed here are my own.  The World would be a better place if these views were shared by more people, but I am only one person spreading my wisdom as best I can.  What I do, say, or promote here is not meant to be an influence in your life.  I am only giving you an insight to how a Crotchety Old Blind guy sees things.

Image of what I see

Look through my eyes.  The image on the left is a pretty accurate depiction of my sight.  People lose eyesight for many different reasons, in my case I have Stargardt’s Disease (aka Early Onset Macular Degeneration)  It is not for the weak, but it can develop your strength.   This disease has robbed me of many things, but it has also opened up new opportunities.  When you explore my posts and videos, I hope you come away with a sense of what it is like to live in a Visually Impaired world.  You won’t find “pixie dust and unicorns” here, because Visual Impairment SUCKS.  What you will find is cold hard truth, and maybe a little humor,  from a Crotchety Old Blind Guy.


Opinions are Free!!

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