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I don’t know how we let it happen, but it happened.  To be honest, I am not sure what “it” even is, but it happened.  I am only guessing when it did happen, or maybe just when it got worse.  We are turning our backs on the very thing that defined us.  We are doing it voluntarily, and that makes it worse.  There is a large movement to either seriously limit your rights, or abolish them all together.  The Second Amendment, the Electoral College, our very form of government, all are under attack.  Most disturbing to me, we are loosing our right to Free Speach.

A weapon is no more and no less than a tool.  When that tool is used, why do we blame the tool more than the person using it?  Are we so frightened that we willingly give up our right to protect ourselves?  I’m not, and I cannot fathom a time that I will be either.  In a Presidential election one side wins, the other looses.  That used to be accepted.  Didn’t mean we were happy with it, but we accepted it knowing that in just four years, if a mistake had been made, we could correct it.  We didn’t blame the winner.  We didn’t blame the outcome on our populace being brainwashed by foreign governments or being ignorant.  We believed in “checks and balances.”  We believed in our news outlets, but then they didn’t hide or bend the news inside of their opinions or agendas, they told the news and then let you decide what it meant.  We did not ban people from speaking about ideas like Republican or Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal.  We didn’t call all opinions we didn’t agree with “Hate Speech.”  I use the word “we” because it used to be we, now it seems to be “us” or “them.”  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all “Green Grass and High Tides,” but it was better.   We were better. 

Pissed Off Mug

I make my living now by developing websites and selling things on the web.  Hard to get a job when you can’t see, so you do what you can to get by.  I sell trinkets like coffee mugs and T-Shirts, Hoodie’s, Cell Phone cases, things like that.  To advertise my products I rely on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, and others.  You have to boost your products to get them seen.  So I tried to boost my “Pissed Off” Mug on Pinterest and this was the response.  

Your ad wasn’t approved because it didn’t meet our advertising guidelines.

• Political campaigning
We don’t allow advertising for:
o The election or defeat of political candidates running for public office
o Political parties or action committees
o Political issues with the intent to influence an election
o Legislation, including referendums or ballot initiatives
o Merchandise related to political candidates, parties, or elections

Facebook and Etsy were no different in their responses.  I could show the image, but I can’t boost an add.  I might understand this better if the objection was to the word “Pissed” but I guess that doesn’t register on their moral compasses.  I have to ask if they would have objected in 2015?  Remember 2015?  Before a certain group decided that foreign governments were influencing the “lower” masses of our society (you know, us non college educated redneck deplorable sum bitches) to vote a certain way.  How exactly did they manage to sell that theory when we all know that our own government has done the exact same thing?  We stopped teaching Civics in our schools, maybe we should rethink that idea.  Tell me, are any of you confident that our current political parties or their leaders are going to be able to fix this?  I’m not.  That is why I am PISSED OFF.   So until things change ………………

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